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Isys Omega Teaser Pic by BROOKLYN73 Isys Omega Teaser Pic by BROOKLYN73
"The Gorgon: Medusa.

A once beautiful woman, now a cursed being of immense power that no one wanted to see.

I could relate to that." -Ruth

Ruth Isys Freidman is the Heroine of "Isys Omega"
Rest assured, her face reflects EVERYTHING life has done to her.

However, the story is much more than simple "revenge".
I wanted to create a story that infused much of my philosophy about life and the road i feel that humanity is slowly being led down.

In my meditations i have seen MANY things...some fantastic and other things not so fantastic at all...things that are quite possible. This is NOT just a chance to introduce a new heroine to Hollywood, even though my visions showed me that such a thing was an eventuality. what this is, is a plan to touch the spirit of man...not just inspire..but to IGNITE.

I have let VERY few people read the script in its entirety and i have the blessing of those who opinions i hold DEAR (my wife and wes, and a couple of others) the story is sound. only the masses will call it a classic or not. But this IS a good story.
And i dont THINK that good stories never really die.

My friend and artist DEX laid down the foundation pencils and inks for this and i had another artist layer over that work. the result is what you have here.

thank you for the time :)

Tehron Freeman
ginmau Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Very cool T. Caught my attention right away ;)
BROOKLYN73 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2012
i figured it would :)
ginmau Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
;) Definately
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